Class Features

Our Special Features

Highly Qualified and Permanant Faculty

The basic structure of Royal Classes is family built ona highly professional faculty compromising of Engineers,Doctors,PhDs,and M.Scs.The faculty play a role of mentors & guide students to improve in their academics.All doubts of students are cleared & concepts are made crystal clear.

Each of our faculty members is dedicated to guiding our students to attain confidence in learning & achieve sucess.Since all our faculties are permanant,students are not at a risk that their favorite teachers would leave them in between.

Strategic study Material

The study material has been so designed that it covers entire theory,solved examples,exercise & problems & objective questions.

Academic Resources

Our both centres have an updated academic library with most popular books in each subject.Students can issue them for a period of one week.

Well Planned Lectures

At Royal Classes all lectures are planned.Our classroom session includes :

Lecture on theoretical concepts.

Solving basic & advance problems.

Discussion on short-cuts & doubts.

Regular test & Evaluation

On completing very chapter,tests are conducted to evaluate the students.


Our both centeres has well furnished classrooms & is equipped with technological features.

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